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Interior surfaces for vehicle conversions


Converting and refurbishing vehicles or adapting them for a specific usage, offers the ultimate bespoke solutions.  That’s why we select innovative interior surfaces for vehicle conversions such as floors and wall & furniture refacing films from world leading suppliers.  We offer you optimal functionality, style and performance. These interior surfaces can be applied in a variety to vehicle conversions:

Bus and Coach refurbishment

Refurbishing a tired looking vehicle is a cost effective way of presenting a smart and modern bus or coach. Refacing surfaces can transform the interior. Compliant and durable surfaces don’t have to be dull. Innovation in interior surfaces for bus and coach means there are beautiful designs to choose from to a create striking modern look.


  • Walls, ceilings and furniture: Lightweight, stylish and extremely durable self-adhesive interior film in over 210 designs can make bus and coach interiors modern, attractive, fresh an bright.
  • Floors:  A large choice of colours and finishes, personal branding and engaging messages will drastically improve the appearance of a bus and coach. What’s more, new lightweight surface materials reduce the overall weight of your bus and coach, thus lowering fuel costs and carbon emissions.
First Group bus after LG Architectural film is applied to side wall

Van and Ambulance conversions for disabled access

Adapting vehicles to help increase an individual’s mobility and independence is life-changing.  Yet all too often the vehicle’s interior is bland and utilitarian.  But with our range of interior surfaces for vehicle adaptations, you can offer functionality with style and design.

  • Walls, ceilings and furniture: Reface walls, ceilings or seat backs to create a stylish interior.  The latest innovation in self-adhesive film adds the finishing touch to your vehicle’s interior.
  • Floors: Naturally, the floor you fit must be robust and safe and offer resilience to accommodate movement in the floor. Moreover, ramps need to offer grip and lasting slip resistance. From safety flooring designs to printed flooring with your own text, logos or messages, the choice of styles and finishes is yours.

Create personal, safe and stylish interiors for mobility vehicles, to match your clients’ needs.

Vehicle adaption for wheelchair access

Taxi conversions and refurbishment

Many standard vehicles, such as small vans or SUV’s, can easily be converted into a taxi.  Yet to truly stand out from the competition, you need to offer clients a range of interior design options.

  • Walls, doors and ceilings: LG Architectural Film is a lightweight and extremely durable self-adhesive interior film.  A choice of stylish designs can cover every surface of your taxi, from seats backs and tables to walls and ceilings.  Adapt and customise your taxi in a design and colour of choice.
  • Floors: Safety is key to any taxi operator, to ensure the health and safety of your clients.  Floors in particular need to be slip resistant yet easy-to-maintain whilst in service.  INSO provides robust, durable and safe resilient flooring options in a variety of designs. Moreover, they are easier to clean and maintain compared with carpets and traditional flooring options.

It doesn’t have to be black or grey. Try innovative interior surfaces for your vehicle conversion and create the best environment for your passengers to travel in.

Vehicle conversion - small bus interior

Leisure vehicles

Motorhomes and Caravan conversions

When converting a van into your new holiday home or when refurbishing a hospitality vehicle, motor-home or caravan, having the right interior is key.  Create the perfect aesthetics and ambiance combined with high performance, so you can completely enjoy your interior.

  • Walls, ceilings and furnishings: Traditional pre-laminated panels for walls and cubicles offer limited design options and can prove to be costly.  But there is another option.  LG Architectural Film is a durable self-adhesive film that comes in over 210 designs. And it fits over a variety of substrates, including plywood, which makes it an ideal solution for refacing dated surfaces.
  • Floors: Adapting or refurbishing vehicles for leisure of hospitality purposes means paying attention to safety underfoot as well as style. Because floors in leisure or hospitality vehicles will inevitably become wet, dusty or even greasy, INSO offer slip-resistant floors in a variety of styles and colours.  Even branding, images and messages on printed flooring can create the right interior for your clients’ needs.

With our many flexible and cost effective interior surfaces options, you can breathe new life into your vehicle, by modernising walls, cubicles, furniture and floors.

Interior floors walls and surfaces fitted in vehicle adaptation into holiday campervan

Looking for stylish interior solutions for vehicle conversions which are easier to clean and maintain than traditional surfaces? Find out more and contact the INSO team today at or call us on 01733 359424.

Diagram of conversion vehicle with INSO printed flooring and LG Architectural film usage

INSO Printed Flooring

INSO printed floors provide new interior design possibilities. This is because you can print any message, logo or branding on this robust and slip resistant flooring. As the printing is embedded in the flooring, our durable printed floor enhances the interior of your vehicle conversion. To embrace your creativity, embed branding, images or messages directly into the floor of your vehicle to communicate easily and effectively with your passengers.

Find out more about INSO printed flooring options and ramp mats for conversion vehicles.

Find out more about Interior Surfaces for vehicle adaptations and contact the INSO team today at or call us now on 01733 359424.

LG Architectural Film

LG Architectural Film is a lightweight, stylish and extremely durable self-adhesive interior film. Because it is available in over 210 designs, including marble, stone, a choice of colours, gloss and leather look, the interior film allows you to make your interiors attractive and modern. This innovative interior surface material fits over wall, ceilings, seats and furnishing. As the film may be gently heated to provide a perfect fit over a variety of substrates and shapes, it is ideal for refacing interiors during a conversion or refurbishment..

Find out more about our range of LG Architectural Film design options.

LG Architectural film on mobile home panels
INSO LG Film - covering panels for mobile home refurbishment

Altro Transport Safety Flooring

No matter what purpose you are converting a vehicle for, you have to consider safety underfoot . Floors that get wet or dusty increase slips, trips and falls, so the risk of injuries is real. Of course this applies to taxis and transport vehicles where it is vital to keep passengers safe, as well as hospitality and leisure vehicles. Furthermore, steps and ramps pose a particular risk and need to be fitted with safety flooring.

Slips and risk can be prevented by installing Altro Transport Safety flooring. It is well known that Altro is synonymous with safety. And because the flooring is resilient, highly durable and provides slip resistance for the lifetime of your vehicle, you can have complete peace of mind about the safety of the floor you fit during you vehicle conversion.

Find out more about our range of Altro safety floors.