Is the Cost of Safety Adding Up?

Promote safety messages on board with INSO printed flooring and ramp mats

Ensuring a safe journey for customers is paramount for all bus operators. Compensation claims on buses are continually increasing for slips, trips and falls.

Accidents involving slips, trips and falls account for 50% of all on-board injuries on public buses. Passengers frequently trip and fall when boarding a bus as:

  • they cannot see a contrast between the floor and the road.
  • the floor is slippery when wet or dirty..
  • they are distracted, not paying attention, or looking at their mobile phone.

Therefore, the choice of flooring can make all the difference. Your buses need to have safe and effective flooring. Floors need to minimise the risk of any slips, trips and falls. And they also need to provide high performance and an aesthetically pleasing design. INSO ramp mats and printed flooring give you an innovative way to communicate with your customers, whilst providing a safe, effective and lasting solution. Let’s deal with the Cost of Safety.

INSO Printed Flooring and Ramp Mats

INSO specialises in printed flooring and ramp mats for buses in any design. And with a slip resistance value of PTV 36+, you can minimise the risk of any slips, trip, falls and costly compensation claims.

When you install a floor or ramp mat designed with either a contrasting colour or a powerful safety message, you can reduce the number of trip accidents on your fleet. For example, a slip resistant ramp mat at the entrance to your bus with a ‘mind the step’ message is also highly effective.

Whichever design or messaging you choose, we will produce a high quality, high performing and high design flooring solution. By raising awareness of any trip hazards, you can take control and prevent accidents and costly compensation claims.

The benefits of INSO printed flooring and matting:

  • Safe: with a high slip resistance value of PTV 36+.
  • Hard-wearing: made from extruded PVC.
  • Unique: as any design, brand or message can be printed directly onto the flooring and cut to any size or shape.
  • Long lasting: as the high durability and performance of INSO flooring will last a lifetime.
  • Easy to install: designed to your individual requirements, INSO flooring is quick and easy to install.

INSO flooring is used and trusted by many bus and coach operators around the world.

Ramp Matt Images

Simple to order:

INSO Printed flooring gives you a myriad of interior design possibilities. Print any design, brand or messaging on our high performing flooring.

Just follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Provide a high resolution PDF or design brief (or alternatively agree a design brief with us).
  2. Specify the dimensions of the flooring needed.
  3. Sit back and relax, whilst we print and deliver your unique design to your exact specifications within weeks.

For over 28 years we have been supplying unique and innovative flooring to help operators save money and enhance their customers’ experience.

To find out more, contact the INSO team today on 01733 359424