Sustainable flooring for rail

Railway carriages are exposed to some of the highest intensity foot traffic of any public domain. So it is essential that rail floors withstand continuous punishment with hard wearing durability. And they also adhere to strict compliance requirements. PURLINE Rail flooring not only meets these challenges with outstanding durability, but does so with style and ecological awareness.


PURLINE Rail offers the rail sector flooring the benefits of:


Environmentally sustainable flooring solution

Constructed from up to 90% renewable and organically sourced natural raw materials such as plant extracts. As a result, PURLINE flooring is a revolutionary step in sustainable transport interiors. PURLINE Rail doesn’t contain cholorine or plasticisers. It is also solvent, emission and odour free.


Safety and compliance

But beyond environmental responsibility, the additional benefits of the specially engineered, natural formula of the product is safety and compliance.

PURLINE Rail’s unique natural make up provides exceptional flammability credentials. It also minimises smoke emissions and negates the risk of toxic gases in the event of a fire. This allows PURLINE Rail to achieve the HL3 requirement of EN45545 for smoke and toxicity and HL2 for spread of flame. This certification makes it an ideal choice for all over- and underground rail applications.


A wide range of designs and formats

PURLINE Rail is available in a variety of colours and revolutionary designs such as wood and stone effect. In addition, there are options to create customised designs and colours*.


PURLINE Rail offers a unique combination of compliance, resilience, sustainability and high design for rail floors. This makes this innovative flooring the complete solution for the future of rail travel.

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*Subject to minimum order quantity requirements

PURLINE Rail logo
PURLINE Rail on train and underground

Key features of PURLINE Rail flooring


  • Meets EN45545 HL3 for smoke and toxicity & HL2 for spread of flame
  • 90% made from natural and renewable materials
  • 100% chlorine, plasticiser and solvent free
  • Odour and emission free
  • Resistant to chemical and mechanical attacks
  • Maximum UV resistance
  • Elastic chemistry gives scuff, scratch and indentation resistance
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Can be hot welded to give impervious, water tight seal
  • Weld rod expertly colour matched to hide joints
RAIL EN 45545 HL 2