Interior surfaces for rail

With rail services transporting millions of people daily globally, train travel is a necessity of modern life for many people. To make the travel experience more than just routine, we carefully select tailormade and innovative interior surfaces for rail. Working with the world’s top interior surface providers, we can offer the perfect balance of practical performance and aesthetic appeal.

Delivering the exacting requirements of compliance, maintenance, life cycle costs and sustainability are a must. Fusing this with a unique vision of the emotive qualities of design, we help to make rail travel safer, more accessible and ultimately, more enjoyable for all.

We work closely with our customers to offer interior surfaces design solutions for rail that signal a truly passenger-focused vision.

Diagram of PURLINE Rail and LG Architectural Film usage on railway carriage

PURLINE Rail – sustainable flooring for rail

Rail floors deal with some of the highest intensity foot traffic of any public domain. If follows that rail floors must withstand continuous heavy use with hard wearing durability. And they must also adhere to strict compliance requirements. PURLINE Rail flooring not only meets these challenges with outstanding performance, but does so with ecological awareness and style.

  • Constructed from up to 90% renewable and natural materials, PURLINE flooring offers sustainable transport interiors.
  • The specially engineered, natural formula of the product is safe and compliant. PURLINE Rail’s unique natural make up provides exceptional flammability credentials. It also minimises smoke emissions and negates the risk of toxic gases in the event of a fire. This allows PURLINE Rail to achieve EN 45545 HL2 certification making it an ideal choice for all over- and underground rail applications.
  • Available in a variety of colours and revolutionary designs such as wood and stone effect as well as the option to customise colours. There is a choice of formats including sheet, plank and tile.

PURLINE RAIL flooring is the complete solution for the future of rail travel.


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LG Architectural Film

LG Architectural Film is a lightweight, stylish interior film designed to cover a wide variety of interiors surfaces. This rail compliant multi-use and self adhesive film wraps over every element of your rail interior. From walls to ceilings, seats and furnishings, any choice of LG Architectural film makes your interiors attractive, fresh an bright. With over 210 designs, including wood, marble, stone, a choice of colours, gloss or even a fabric or leather look, you can completely transform the appearance or your rail carriage interior. As the appearance of the film closely resembles original material, the result is stylish and lifelike.