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INSO wins 2 innovation awards at BUS & COACH 19

3 October 2019

INSO Group is proud to have won two innovation awards at BUS & COACH 2019 as part of its newly introduced Innovation Challenge:


INSO digitally printed flooring for your vehicle

Our first Innovation Award is for INSO Printed Flooring. This innovative flooring allows you to print any design, image or message directly into your vehicle’s floor to any size and shape, making it the ideal branding, communication and advertising solution for bus and coach. A fully compliant 2mm slip resistant flooring which is easy to maintain and will never wear out, INSO Printed Flooring can be used for brand awareness, safety messages, welcome messages, way finding and much more.


Invisi Warm – inivisible heating on bus and coach

Our second Innovation Award is for Invisi Warm heating pads which can be placed under floors or inside wall and ceiling panels. They offer a smart way to heat your bus or coach and enhance your customers’ journeys. Invisi Warm can also heat the driver’s feet or the entrance of the bus or coach to keep the floor dry and clean and minimise slip risk. These UK manufactured pads are made from revolutionary Nobel prize winning material, graphene. As graphene is ten times more conductive than copper, these heating pads are very effective. In addition, they are flexible and extremely hard wearing.

Join INSO at Coach & Bus UK 19

28 July 2019

Coach and Bus UK takes place in the NEC in Birmingham on 2 and 3 October. Visit us on the INSO Stand (M12). See and touch our innovative bus floor, ramp mat, wall and surface solutions designed to enhance the passenger experience.

COACH and BUS EXHBITION Banner - Stand M12

INSO launches interior surfaces on Cruise Suppliers website

20 July 2019

From July 2019, INSO Group showcases its innovative cruise ship flooring, walls and furnishing surfaces on Cruise Suppliers website.

We carefully select cruise ship flooring and interior surfaces that significantly reduce life cycle and future costs. In addition, we select them to be attractive and enhance the passenger experience. We only partner with like-minded, forward thinking brands that align with our vision to be safe, compliant, cost-effective and inspirational.

Our marine portfolio includes, IMO certified marine flooring, INSO bespoke printed flooring with embedded logos, images or branding of your choice and Interior Architectural Film to reface walls, ceilings and furniture.

News cruise images banner for INSO launch on Cruise Suppliers Site

INSO Group launches on Cruise Suppliers Site

Back to the future

19 June 2019

Today at RailLive 2019, the first class carriage in the 4 carriage innovation hub run by Porterbrook, is a perfect way for INSO to showcase how innovation in surface materials and flooring can combine high performance with high design. PURLINE Rail wood look flooring and LG Architectural Film in smart charcoal grey provide a perfect finish in a railway carriage refurbishment.

At the back of the innovation hub runs the HydroFlex, UK’s First Hydrogen Train. The INSO team is proud to be exhibiting at RailLive 2019 and to be looking to the future.


INSO team by Innovation Hub at Raillive 2019 besides Hydroflex train

Back to the future INSO exhibits at Innovation Hub at RailLive 2019 besides Hydroflex train

First Class Fit-Out in the Porterbrook Innovation Hub

5 June 2019

Preparations for revamping the Porterbrook Innovation Hub for Rail Live 2019 at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Warwickshire on 19–20 June 2019 is going full steam ahead. INSO fits-out the 30-year old Carriage with PURLINE Rail flooring and LG Architectural Film on the walls to form a smart backdrop for chair covering by I M Kelly R & A. Innovation and first class style can go hand in hand.

Porterbrook innovation hub in train carriage- before and after pictures of floor and wall surfaces in 30 year old rail carriage

Porterbrook Innovation Hub – before and after INSO refurbishment of floor and wall