PURLINE – Environmentally sustainable flooring

PURLINE is Constructed from up to 90% renewable and organically sourced natural raw materials such as plant extracts. As a result, PURLINE flooring is a revolutionary step in sustainable transport interiors. This is because it doesn’t contain cholorine or plasticisers.  And it is also solvent, emission and odour free.

But beyond environmental responsibility, the additional benefits of the specially engineered, natural formula of the product is safety and compliance. Its unique natural make up provides exceptional flammability credentials. It also minimises smoke emissions and negates the risk of toxic gases in the event of a fire.

PURLINE comes in a wide range of designs and formats. There is a variety of colours and revolutionary designs such as wood and stone effect. And for ultimate versatility, it comes in sheet, plank and tile format

Gen 3 – Durable protective coating for your vehicle

The rigours of daily life take their toll on your vehicles. During a lifetime of service, buses and coaches are subjected to an onslaught of man-made contaminants and battered by the elements. Yet passenger expectations remain constantly high, so maintaining the appearance of your fleet is essential.

Ensuring your fleet is presented at its best can be both costly and time consuming and still only offer a short-term fix. But with Gen 3 protective coating, you can protect your vehicles from whatever life throws at them.

Professionally applied nationwide, one treatment of Gen 3 can protect the whole vehicle exterior against:

⦁ UV damage

⦁ road grime

⦁ traffic film/fumes

⦁ acid rain

⦁ road salt

⦁ bird waste and other organic debris

Better still, Gen 3 can be maintained with no need for abrasive cleaners or polishes, paint thicknesses on applied areas remain undamaged and the results are backed up by a five year warranty.

The world’s first paint protector to also offer solvent protection, Gen 3 produces results that genuinely amaze.

Please register your enquiry with paul@inso.group or phone Paul on 07375 045793

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Spradling – Coated Seating Fabrics

A vehicle’s seating has the ability to define a passenger’s experience. It has to look inviting, provide comfort and support, but also be able to cope with all the demands of daily service. But no matter what your seating requirements may be, we’ll have them covered with Spradling coated seating fabrics.

Treated with the most advanced natural technology, Spradling coated fabrics not only adhere to the most stringent fire testing – bus(Crib7) – they also promote clean air and facilitate on board hygiene and cleaning regimes.

Spradling coated fabrics benefit from:

⦁ Phthalate free construction for enhanced on board air quality

⦁ Permblok3 Plus for advanced protection against stains and abrasions

⦁ Silver Guard Protection for bacterial defence and odour elimination

In addition to high grade performance our Spradling coated seating fabrics are also available in a vast range of colours, which are held in stock for quick delivery. And with the option to create your own colours*, you can inspire your passengers with travel that’s always stylish, comfortable and safe.

Please get in touch at info@inso.group or call Paul on 07375 045793

*Subject to minimum order quantity requirements

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