Safe and sustainable maritime flooring


Maritime flooring needs to meet a range of different requirements. PURLINE Sea is the latest advancement in organic flooring technology for the maritime sector. It combines a revolutionary sustainable vision with high performance and versatility.

PURLINE Sea offers shipping and offshore environments:


IMO compliance for safety and environment

PURLINE Sea is especially engineered from natural and renewable materials such as plant extracts. Its unique composition of organically sourced raw materials ensure exceptional protection against fire, smoke and toxicity. This makes the flooring safe and fully IMO compliant. And because it consists of 90% natural and renewable materials, PURLINE Sea floors are a sustainable solution.


A wide range of designs and formats

PURLINE Sea designs include a wide range of colours and finishes, including wood and stone effects. Furthermore, the floors are available in sheet, planks and tile format . With so much choice, these designs allow you to add add style and performance anywhere on your ship or offshore. In addition, we can offer bespoke designs and colours*.


Ultimate versatility

PURLINE Sea is installed on a wide range of vessels like cruise ships, ferries, Roll-on Roll-off, container  and navy ships as well as offshore platforms and oil rigs.

PURLINE Sea caters for multiple application areas on ships and offshore platform. Its wide range of options can cover high foot traffic areas such as corridors and passage ways, but also high end dining areas, shops, leisure facilities, and cabins.

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*Subject to minimum order quantity requirements.

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Key features of PURLINE Sea flooring


  • Fire safe, compliant to IMO 2010 FTP code.
  • IMO licence nr. 124/121
  • MED Wheelmark
  • USCG 164.117/ECO736/124/121
  • Made from natural and renewable materials
  • Non-toxic additives, no chlorine, plasticisers and solvents
  • Odour and emission free
  • Resistant to chemical and mechanical attacks
  • Maximum UV resistance
  • Hard-wearing and durable
  • R10 Safety flooring versions available
  • Sound Insulation
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