Sustainable interior surfaces for maritime

INSO supply innovative flooring and interior surface materials which are designed specifically for maritime use. Our floor, wall, ceiling and furniture materials are installed on a variety of shipping vessels and offshore platforms around the world.

We have carefully selected a range of interior surface materials for maritime that meet IMO safety standards as well as their strict environmental standards. But beyond safety and sustainability, each of our materials come in a wide choice of colours and finishes.  This opens up design freedom to create truly attractive environments on board for passengers and crew.

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Interior surfaces for Maritime with Safety as standard

All our surface materials for marine vessels are IMO FTP Module B and Module D compliant and are Wheelmark approved. This guarantees that our floors and interior surfaces meet the stringent fire safety and environmental standards of the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) and are approved by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA). Therefore, the materials are also compliant with IMO, SOLAS  and the US Coast Guard USCG.

With INSO, you can be sure you are compliant in a complex regulatory landscape:

Map of the global Marine Regulatory Environment

PURLINE Sea – sustainable maritime flooring

Maritime floors on ships, cruise ships and off shore need to withstand continuous heavy use with hard wearing durability. Moreover, they must also adhere to strict IMO compliance requirements for safety and environmental standards. PURLINE Sea flooring not only meets these challenges with outstanding performance, but does so with ecological awareness and style:


  • PURLINE Sea is made from up to 90% renewable and natural materials. The  flooring is sustainable and is odour and emission free
  • The specially engineered, natural formula of the product is safe and compliant. PURLINE Sea’s unique natural make-up provides exceptional flammability peformance, minimises smoke emissions and negates the risk of toxic gases in the event of a fire. This allows PURLINE Sea to achieve MED authorisation and its compliance mark the WheelMark. It is thus IMO compliant and recognised by the USCG.
  • Available in a variety of formats such as sheet, planks and tiles in many colours and revolutionary designs including wood effect and with the potential to create customised options.


PURLINE Sea flooring is the complete solution for vessels and of shore platforms. With technical insight and a range of designs options, you are safe to source your materials from INSO. Find out more about our range of PURLINE Sea flooring.


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LG Architectural Film – interior surface film for maritime

LG Architectural Film is a lightweight, stylish and extremely durable interior surface film that is fully IMO approved. This innovative interior surface material can be fitted over wall, ceilings, seats and furnishings throughout your vessel or offshore platform. And gently heating the material provides a perfect fit over a variety of substrates and shapes. This makes is ideal for refurbishment as well as for new fit out applications.


This high durable film wrap is available in over 210 designs, including marble, stone, a choice of colours, gloss and leather looks. With so many design options, you can create an attractive, modern appearance for any interior design. Find out more about your options for wrapping or refacing surfaces with LG Architectural Film.


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