LG Architectural Film

LG Architectural Film is a self adhesive interior wrap for every element of your vehicle interior. This innovative interior surface material wraps over walls, ceilings, seats and furnishings throughout. Any choice of LG Architectural film makes your interiors attractive, fresh an bright. Ideal for refurbishment as well as new vehicles.

What is LG Architectural Film?

LG Architectural Film is a lightweight, stylish interior film designed to cover a wide variety of interiors surfaces.

With over 210 designs, including wood, marble, stone, a choice of colours, gloss or even a fabric or leather look, you can completely transform your vehicle’s appearance. As the appearance of the film closely resembles original material, the result is stylish and lifelike.

Because the material is not just surface printed, the interior film is extremely durable and highly resistant to impact and scratching. Indeed, its abrasion resistance is much higher than 2D vinyl films or Digital Printed Media. LG Architectural film offers lasting results.

Unlike most other wraps, this interior film offers you a lightweight solution thus helping to reduce cost of fuel and carbon emissions.

LG Architectural Film in use:

LG Architectural Film can cover any part of your fleet. It makes a perfect wrap for surfaces and furnishings in buses, coaches, rail carriages, on ships and in vehicle conversions. It wraps a wide variety of surface areas such as walls, ceilings and bulkheads, toilet cubicles and doors and taxi doors. And it is also beautifully covers furniture such as table tops and seat backs.

Because of its performance, versatility and choice, it is an ideal interior surface solution for refurbishments as well as new builds.

Fitting LG Architectural Film:

LG Architectural Film:

  • Comes with an intelligent self-adhesive treatment.
  • May be thermorformed. As the material is gently heated, the interior film can be fitted to any shape.
  • Wraps almost any substrate inc. wood, steel, laminate, plastic and mortar.


LG Architectural Film has all your interior design needs covered. So, choose your interior design solution and provide your passengers with an improved customer experience.


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Interior surfaces in the transport conversion sector

Bring your vehicle interior to life with a contemporary and durable LG Architectural interior film design.

Key features of LG Architectural Film


  • Self-adhesive vinyl film.
  • 100% phthalate free plasticisers.
  • REACH compliant.
  • Rail compliant
  • Extremely durable: protective layer with excellent taber abrasion resistance.
  • Apply to almost any substrate inc. wood, steel, laminate, plastic and mortar.
  • Lightweight: 0.5kg per linear metre.
  • Over 210 designs: including leather, marble, gloss, metal effect, fabric and wood grain.
  • Easy to install:
    • Can be thermoformed to any shape.
    • Quick installation with no bubbles.
  • Easy to remove, leaves no glue residue.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fully compliant with European fire regulations for bus and coach, ECE-118-R.

Interior of a First Group bus before and after applying LG Architectural film to the sidewall: