INSO Printed Flooring

Award Winning INSO printed flooring gives you the power to transform your passengers’ travel experience.


What is INSO Printed Flooring?

Since your passengers’ focus is so often on their phone and their gaze downwards, printed flooring gives you new and powerful communication possibilities. Printed flooring is one of the latest advancements in flooring design. You can print any design, image or message directly into your vehicle’s floor. What’s more, you can choose the size and shape to exactly meet your needs.

As your design is encapsulated within the flooring itself, it will be long lasting and fully protected from foot traffic.

INSO Printed Flooring in use

As you can print any design into the floor, there really is no limit to what this innovative flooring can be used for. Indeed, INSO printed flooring is already in use the the transport industry in a variety of ways:

  • Branding
  • Communication – such as safety advice and welcome messages
  • Advertising

The vinyl flooring is slip resistant, making it ideal for floors and ramp mats.


INSO Printed Flooring production

Production is very straight forward.

Firstly, you can simply provide us with your design and required dimensions as a high-resolution PDF. Alternatively, we can take a design brief from which we can create your design. Your unique design will then be printed and delivered within weeks.

Choose INSO printed flooring today to inspire your passengers with something completely different.


To find out more or place an order, contact the INSO team today at on call us now 01733 359424

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INSO Ramp Mat

Place any design, image or message directly into your vehicle’s floor with INSO Printed Flooring

Key features of INSO Printed Flooring



  • Made from extruded PVC without plasticiser.
  • Extremely hardwearing and slip resistant in the wet.
  • Will not crack or shrink, due to excellent strength, tensile and dimensional stability.
  • Available in any size, up to 2.8m wide in a single piece.
  • Any image, design or message can be embedded directly into the flooring, ensuring print retention for the lifetime of your flooring.
  • Cut to any size or shaped to fit individual requirements.
  • Easy to install.
  • Stain resistant and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Fully compliant with European fire regulations for bus and coach, ECE-118-R.

Installation Guide:

Download our simple installation guide

19-08-01 – INSO – Installation Guide – Entrance Matt

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INSO Innovation reward at Bus & Coach 19

Examples of INSO Printed Flooring and ramp mats in buses & entrances