Cash in on Contactless

Promote Cash payments with INSO Printed flooring and ramp mats

Contactless payments ensure a quick and easy boarding process. Speedier boarding helps to keep your buses running on time. And with no cash on board, it is a safer environment for your drivers and passengers.

Yet, changing the payment habits of passengers and educating them about a cashless payment option is difficult.

At INSO, we specialise in producing printed flooring and ramp mats for buses in any design and with any message. This means that you can communicate clearly and easily with every single passenger on board. By installing flooring which is designed with a promotional contactless payment message, you can significantly raise awareness of the cashless payment option. It’s time to cash in on contactless.

INSO Printed Flooring and Ramp Mats

Whichever design or message you choose, we will produce a high quality, high performing and high design flooring solution which will raise awareness of contactless payments. So, you can cash in on contactless with INSO to improve the boarding experience.


INSO flooring is used and trusted by many bus and coach operators around the world for:


  • Brand promotion
  • Customer communication
  • Safety messaging
  • Advertising
  • Charity support
  • Interactive engagement

As more and more people gaze downward, either to look at their mobile phone or ensure they don’t trip, the floor is the perfect place to grab their attention. This has been seen recently in the Netherlands, where traffic lights are now embedded into the pavements so pedestrians are aware of the signal change without having to look up.

INSO printed flooring and ramp mats are:

  • Unique: as any design, brand or message can be printed directly onto the flooring.
  • Long lasting – as the high durability and performance of INSO flooring will last a lifetime.
  • Easy to update – with easy installation, you can change the message and design of your flooring as often as you like.
Ramp Matt Images

Simple to order:

INSO flooring gives you a myriad of interior design possibilities.You can print any design, brand or message on our high performing flooring and cut it to any size or shape.

Just follow the 3 simple steps below:

  1. Provide the required dimensions of the flooring needed.
  2. Provide a high resolution PDF or design brief (or alternatively agree a design brief with us).
  3. Sit back and relax, whilst we print and deliver your unique design to your exact specifications within weeks.

Choose INSO for innovation

INSO printed flooring gives you an innovative way to communicate with your customers, whilst providing a safe, effective and lasting solution.

For over 28 years we have been supplying unique and innovative flooring to help operators save money and enhance their customers’ experience.

To find out more, contact the INSO team today on 01733 359424