Creating safe and enticing transport environments through innovative interior surface solutions.


INSO supplies unique and innovative flooring and interior surfaces exclusively for the transport sector.  High performance, high safety and high design solutions to enhance your passenger experience.

INSO Ramp Mat


Print and embed your design, brand or message into INSO flooring or ramp mat. You decide the design, shape and size. An innovative way to communicate with your passengers, whilst providing a safe, effective and lasting solution.

Cash in on Contactless

Do you cash in on contactless?Raise awareness of the contactless payment option every time your passengers board. Install INSO Printed flooring to promote contactless payment at the entrance or inside your bus.

Is the Cost of Safety Adding Up?

Slips, trips and falls account for more than 50% of all reported on buses.

Is the cost of safety adding up? Install INSO Printed Flooring or ramp mat with a contrasting colour or a safety message at the entrance of your bus, you can make your fleet safer.

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